Writing this recommendation for Deb, is an easy thing to do.  Let me explain my work background, so you have an idea of what Deb was working with.  

I was in advertising for 23 years as a Vice President making executive level salary when suddenly I was laid off.  I struggled to find gainful employment.  I felt dejected about my skills, but Deb sat me down and created an inventory.  Soon after, she presented a brand new resume which reflected by skills, experience and capabilities much better than the one I had.

After that, we put together a game plan.  One of us hunts for jobs and the other applies.  We continuously worked on my interviewing skills until my confidence was restored.

Fast forward to today.  I am employed with a major beverage company as an Account Manager.  I still keep in touch with Deb and she continues to advise me.  

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Deb, would be truly satisfied with the experience.

Matthew B., Twin Cities, MN

It is a pleasure to endorse and recommend Deb Vosejpka, whom I have known for several as a client of hers.

Deb provided me with outstanding career counseling and coaching, helping me with difficult work transition and employment search.  No is more dedicated than Deb.  She has passion for this work.  It is her life purpose.  She truly cares about the unemployed, the underemployed, the individuals facing transitions that directly impact every aspect of their lives. 

Among her many strengths, is the ability to conceptualize successful and creative approaches to finding work based on individual need.

She doggedly pursues new methods of job search and stays in step with the rapidly changing employment market.  Her vision, energy and determination are contagious.

As she has made a difference for me, she also has the talent, capacity and compassion to make a difference for scores of others as a leader in putting displaced Americans back to work.

Barbara B, Twin Cities, MN

I worked with Deb Vosejpka, on several occasions and found her magnificently helpful, as well as pleasantly easy to work with.  

Mrs. Vosejpka, taught me new methods to search for careers, as we as, way to present myself to employers in order to differientiate myself from the endless competition.  With her help and wealth of knowledge, creation of a new resume and job coaching, I was able to get in front of and hired by one of the most powerful companies in the world.

Years later, my position was eliminated due to no fault of my own. I reached out to Deb again for some advise and/or possible leads through her connections in the workforce.  Amazingly, she was generous enough to volunteer to meet with me on her own time. 

After meeting with her, I was blown away by the effort she put in and the sheer amount of time that she dedicated to helping me.  We sat down for four straight hours and created a new resume, strategy, and tips to help me kickstart my job search.  Days and weeks later, she continued to call and check in on my till I secured employment again.  

I respectfully recommend her  to anyone that needs her services.  Her knowledge, actions, and character place her far ahead of anyone in the industry.

Mark S., Twin Cities, MN

My testimonial is three pages long, so I’ll try to highlight her greatest attributes.

Deb’s impact was immediate.  She called quickly, schedule a meeting, and she placed home in my heart with that very first meeting.  She was passionate about helping me, informed me about my career options and asked me what I wanted.  I was surprised how naturally she treated me.  I was very aware of how some agencies treat people like outcasts, but she treated me with a respect so natural that it had to be genuine.  She drew me out of my shell and I was growing with excitement.

Each time I met with her, I felt more energized and excited.  She drew up a plan of action, redrafted a new resume into several versions with different formats, provided resources taught me how to target specific employers then tutored me on interviewing techniques.  We practiced mock interviews.  

It didn’t take long before I got my dream job.  Soon after, I was back on my feet driving a new car and starting a new chapter in my life.

Deb reaches out from time to time to check in on me.  I like knowing that she still cares about my success.

Chris E., Twin Cities, MN